High-end machine tools from Matsuura, DMG, Hurco and Sodik
Matsuura 5 axis machining using balanced shrink tooling
Machine sales of fast hole drills, die sinkers and ECD work stations
Subcontract machining of a wide range of exocit alloys
Multi-axis EDM CNC milling, turning, EDM/ECM
BSI quality accredited for 15 years

    About. Anotronic

    In business for 40 years, Anotronic was founded in 1982, providing state of the art precision engineering services. We have developed machines and machined components for a wide cross-section of industries, both here and abroad including; aerospace, medical, food, oil and gas.

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    Precision. machining

    Anotronic offer a unique service to Industry with not only full CNC precision machining facilities but also with EDM / WEDM / EDM Drilling / ECD  full deburring systems.

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    Anotronic Capacity List

    Machine. sales

    SKM EDM die sink machines
    OCEAN EDM drilling machines

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    Resource. library

    We are currently indexing our huge repository of machine manuals, technical specifications, data sheets and other useful resources amassed over 40 years.

    Anotronic Library

    Machine Manuals

    The Anotronic master index of machine manuals for download in pdf format.

    Application Bulletins

    Providing guidance on the use of precision machining processes.