CNC Turning

CNC. turning

  • Harrison Alpha Plus 330s

    Harrison Alpha Plus 330s

  • DMG Gildmeister CTX510 Gratziano large capacity

    DMG Gildmeister CTX510 Gratziano large capacity

  • DMG Gildmeister CTX310eco

    DMG Gildmeister CTX310eco


Modern machines from DMG and Harrison. Digital drives, high contouring rates with high accuracy servos. All networked for fast response. All machines are regularly serviced by factory trained engineers.

We have invested heavily over the last couple of years in our CNC turning department. Our DMG lathes give us the confidence to tackle the most demanding of jobs. All our fully CNC machines have Probing, Digital Drives with the latest Siemens controls, all are Networked for fast data transfers and backup of programs. All have large swarf conveyors, something that is very important especially if large volumes of swarf are removed. We work very closely with all the major tooling suppliers so that the very best equipment is available to our programmers and operators. Our large CNC has the power and capacity to tackle large parts with diameter 500mm x 1000mm capacity driven by a massive 42KW direct drive spindle motor. For 1-off’s and small batches we also have a Harrison Alpha 330S this is ideal for low volume and electrode manufacture. The control is split either full Fanuc or Teach mode for stops,rads,tapers and threads etc.

Anotronic Capacity List

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