Fire Protection

CO² Fire Extinguisher System For EDM Machines

The principle is a simple self-activating system that offers the widest versatility and is absolutely safe against malfunction which results in the best cost-performance ratio. It does not rely on any complex electronics or any moving parts. Firetrace is the only system of its kind in the industry today.
Firetrace employs a flexible detection and delivery system called Firetrace Tubing. The tubing is manufactured from specially processed polymer materials to achieve the desired heat detection and delivery characteristics. The Firetrace Tubing, which is pressurized, is placed within the area above potential fire hazard and secured in place with brackets provided. The Indirect Firetrace system discharges the extinguishant into the protected area via plumbed diffusers that are initiated by the Firetrace tube bursting. The machine is also switched off via a pressure switch.

Due to continuous research and development, all specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.

Specification Sheet